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I recently fell in love with the hand-made upcycled totes and bags from Forestbound. Made from salvaged items, Forestbound bags evoke a sense of history, nostalgia, and style. Alice Saunders, designer and creator of Forestbound, searches through flea markets and antique stores to find the perfect materials for her bags. By imagining how her salvaged materials would have been used in the past, Saunders recreates these materials into something that is practical for use today.

Forestbound’s Spring 2011 collection is based on a reclaimed blacksmith’s leather apron, with strap and buckle details. Also in the works for Saunders is a collection of four bags for Terrain (Anthropologie’s Home and Garden Shop), which I am extremely excited about.

Forestbound bags are currently available online in their Etsy shop. Check out their website at and be sure to check out their blog for even more nostalgic inspiration.



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Nothing like Scotch in the Morning

As I was typing I happened to look down at the retched state of my finger nail polish, it’s awful (I’m wondering if I can just walk around today with my nails curled under). How did I let it get this way? Well, I have this problem with nail polish. I become obsessed with a color, use it non-stop for weeks, and then I’m over it. So right now the color I am using (which I do still like, but I’ll admit the love affair is fading), is a warm steel gray, but I feel like I need something new. As a serial-nail-polish-buyer, I came across these polishes from Scotch (no, not Mr. Walker) and the bonus is that they are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Let’s be honest, if I’m painting something on my body, it’s best if it’s free of toxins, right? I’m really loving the Heather Blush or maybe the Kiltlifter (that sounds fun!).

Thanks to Design Crush for the heads up on these great polishes!

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